Legoman (Yannick Jacquet)

With a background in graphic design and a passion for electronical music and digital melodies, he has been involved in VJing since the end of the year 2003.
His inspiration sources come from various artistic movements; from animation movies to web design, from russian constructivism to music videos, from experimental cinema to graffiti.
He had the chance to be invited to perform as a VJ in various events (parties, concerts, festivals etc.) in Switzerland, France, Belgium, England, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic.
He was resident VJ at the club le Zoo of l’Usine in Geneva from November 2004 to February 2006. This concert hall allowed him to gain a very good experience of the techniques of projection. He still continues to perform there occasionally.
In parallel to his artistic activities within Crea composite, he also works on graphic design and motion design commissions.


 (Jérémie Peeters)

Mainly graphic designer and print silkscreener, Shirü is VJ and DJ as well. His work on images began in 2003 as he achieved a training in silkscreen at la Cambre and l’ERG in Brussels, what quickly brought him to graphic design.
Coming from the underground scene of Brussels, a lot of his inspiration comes from town planning, street art, animation, design, electronical music… What interests him the most is the fusion of arts and music.
Vjing allows him to create an intimate connection between these two movements. Thanks to audiovisual installations, he keeps up with his first love : the creation of 3-dimentional spaces.

Thomas Vaquié

After a beginning as drumer and composer in the rock and pop music scene, he headed toward the audiovisual world.
He completed a training as sound engineer at l’ESRA in Rennes and he dedicated most of his work to music composition for image and sound design. He obtained his degree in 2005 and then moved to Brussels where he started his studio of sonorous post production : “Chocolat Noisette”. Since then, he has been working as composer and sound engineer for the cinema and the documentary film.
Passionnate by new forms of creation, he also has dedicated himself to the realisation of experimental audiovisual artworks and to musical and sonorous research in parallel to his main activity.