Audiovisual crew
Installations / VJing / audio-video live performances

Artists :

Legoman (Yannick Jacquet)

Graphic designer, VJ, motion designerwww.legoman.net

Shirü (Jérémie Peeters)
Graphic designer, print silkscreener, VJ

Thomas Vaquié
Musician, sound designer, sound engineer



Crea Composite was born from the meeting of 3 artists who come from various artistic backgrounds : graphic design, Vjing, cinema, music; and from 3 different nationalities (respectively Swiss, Belgian and French).

We got together for the first time in 2006 in order to realise an audiovisual installation project at the gallery “Mediaruimte” in Brussels. Following this rewarding experience, we felt like setting up a work dynamics by creating this crew.

Our general approach consists in getting out of the traditionnal aspect setting a passive spectator against an audiovisual source.

3 essential points matter in our creation process :

A reflection on the place of the diffusion
We want to get out from the usual context of projection rooms by occupying new locations (concert halls, art galleries, public places, nature etc.). We strive our best to adapt each installation to each place.

A reflection on the techniques of diffusion and on the supports
We constantly explore new ways to work with images and sound. For example, by multiplying visual and sonorous sources, by using new projection supports and formats (mosquito nets, Plexiglas, glass, architectural structures, street furniture etc.), by playing with the transparency of some materials or by mixing the video with other mediums (painting, silkscreen, graffiti etc.).

A reflection on the cinematic language

We like to experiment new nonlinear audiovisual languages, inspired by contemporary graphic design, abstract art, motion design and experimental cinema.

Besides the previous technical and artistic issues, our installations claim to be influenced by our vision of the world and the society we are living in.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License